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Episode 40: How an ADHD Diagnosis in Adulthood Gave Kate Moryoussef Profound Freedom

In this episode...

Even with 2 brothers diagnosed with ADHD during childhood, Kate Moryoussef’s own symptoms were overlooked. As a young girl, Kate felt overwhelmed by schoolwork, struggled to focus and turn assignments in on time, and was often caught daydreaming.

The missed diagnosis negatively affected Kate’s self-esteem, as she did not realize why everything was so much harder for her than it was for other people. As a people-pleasing perfectionist who always felt she should be performing better, Kate did not want anyone to notice she was struggling.

Kate describes receiving her ADHD diagnosis in adulthood as permission to be the most authentic version of herself. The diagnosis offered profound freedom. She feels none of the shame or stigma people sometimes associate with ADHD, and instead believes it to be a superpower enabling her to harness her own energy the right way.

In this episode of Your Permission Prescription, Kate shares her personal ADHD story alongside that of her daughters’ and other members of her family. She sheds light on the fact that ADHD is so often overlooked in young girls, why that is and what can be done about it.
To learn more about Kate Moryoussef visit https://www.coachingbykate.me.uk/ or check out her podcast The ADHD Women’s Wellbeing Podcast.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 40 to learn why removing pressure for perfectionism allows you the freedom to tap into the superpower that is your true self.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 40:

  • Why ADHD is so often missed in young girls, compared to young boys
  • How ADHD presents differently in people, and why this leads to missed diagnoses
  • The signs of ADHD Kate noticed in her own daughters, and what she is doing to help them
  • Why emotional dysregulation and other mental health disorders can often be traced back to undiagnosed ADHD
  • How cold water swimming helps Kate be more mindful, happier, and present.

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