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Episode 3: Why Even Hay House CEO Reid Tracy Needs Permission to Say Yes to Himself

In this episode...

I’m joined in Episode 3 of Your Permission Prescription with my mentor, angel, cheerleader, and dear friend Reid Tracy. Reid also happens to be the CEO at Hay House! As the event director at Hay House for 12 years and since Hay House is my publisher, I have quite the history with Reid and credit him with giving me permission to do some of the toughest things I’ve had to do!

For 20 years, Reid wanted to do everything, be everything for everyone and answer every question they had. Now, 33 years later, he’s built up leaders that can support Hay House, answer questions, and help themselves.

But it all started with giving himself permission to say yes to himself.

His biggest lesson? (And this is a powerful one!) The thing you’re afraid to make the biggest change on is probably where you should start.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 3 to learn how to give yourself permission to step into your visibility, whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, or anyone wanting to take charge of their own life.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 2:

  • Understanding you’re not the only one with your issue. No one has it figured out!
  • If you’re trying, you’re going to be successful.
  • Why Hay House authors teach what they need to learn.
  • We find ourselves in each other’s stories. What can you bring to this that hasn’t been said before in this particular way because you haven’t shared your story?
  • Most of us think someone outside of us is going to make us feel worthy, but we have to cultivate it within ourselves. We’re putting all our worth into someone else’s wagon.
  • Anywhere that you feel the most stuck, the most dissatisfied, what’s the story you’re telling yourself about why your life is this way, and what’s the truth?
  • How the pandemic shifted things in Reid’s life and how he now works from home and accelerated his plan to spend more time in the mountains of Idaho.
  • Nancy’s word of the year – what’s yours?
  • The book by Dan Sullivan that Reid recommends everyone read when they’re figuring out what they need to solve, but not do.
  • What can you put into place right now so that you can start living in alignment with the way you want you life to be?

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