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Episode 28: The Transformative Power of Grief and Loss, with David Kessler

In this episode...

I’m deeply honored to have my dear friend and world’s foremost expert on grief and loss, David Kessler join me in this episode. David is the author of six books, including On Grief and Grieving, which he co authored with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, and which updated her five stages for grief.

In this episode, David shares how a series of traumatic events in his childhood made him want to become the kind of person who could have helped him when he struggled. This ultimately led him to the work he does today.
David also shares how the loss of his young son forced him—the grief expert—to use his own teachings and move through profound grief. It was at this point David became interested in the connection between grief and finding meaning in loss.

Over the years, David has been asked by many people to be present at the time of their passing, and he shares what happened when Louise Hay requested he be there when she transitioned (it’s not the story you’d expect…).
David also leads a community of grievers called Tender Hearts, where people find support to help navigate grief and the complex emotions that come along with it. He will be leading a series of events to help people handle grief during the holidays, and I encourage you to visit David’s website to learn more if you are in need of this kind of support.

Finally, David shares his thoughts and beliefs on whether there is something after death, and the ultimate message here—no matter what you believe, live fully.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 28 to learn about the transformative power of grief and loss.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 28:

  • The transformative power of experiencing and moving through grief and loss
  • How David became the person people wanted present at their deathbeds
  • Why we find meaning through grief
  • Experiencing the loss of his young son, and how he—the grief expert—moved through his own grief
  • Understanding that grief is objective, and it’s ok to grieve for any loss you suffer
  • How running from discomfort only engages it in your life longer
  • Why Louise Hay “The Queen of Affirmation” chose to write a book with David

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