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Episode 23: My Arms Aren’t on Anyone’s Vision Board Anymore

In this episode...

I’ve been thinking a lot about something Laurie Wagner said in episode 18 of Your Permission Prescription.

She talked about letting your belly hang over your jeans.

That was never something I felt safe doing. Growing up, my body was scrutinized. Then, in my marriage, my body was scrutinized.

Having a thin, toned body was the be-all, end-all… until it wasn’t.

People often say of a woman, “She’s let herself go.” But that’s not accurate. We don’t let ourselves go — we let go.

In this solo episode, I reflect on letting go and loving my body as it is.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 23 to learn how to give yourself permission to accept your body.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 22:

  • Years ago, a woman asked if she could take a picture of my arms to put on her vision board. I don’t think that’s happening again — and I share why it doesn’t bother me!
  • I share about an eye-opening trip and unexpected side gig in my twenties that laid the foundation for body acceptance.
  • There’s a profound freedom that comes from no longer allowing your body to be an object of scrutiny, for yourself or anyone else.

Get more out of reading than listening? Read the transcription of this episode of Your Permission Prescription by clicking below.

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