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Episode 17: The Joy of Being with Yourself, Featuring Koya Webb

In this episode...

How do you take care of yourself when no one’s looking (or giving their approval)?

In this episode of Your Permission Prescription, I talk to Koya Webb — internationally recognized yoga teacher, celebrity holistic health coach, and author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce.

Koya shares how she found yoga after a debilitating track injury, and how it ultimately transformed not only her career but also her entire approach to life.

Listen in to learn how she stopped seeking outside approval and discovered how to care deeply for herself — and in turn help thousands of others do the same.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 17 to learn how to give yourself permission to do beautiful things for yourself.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 17:

  • After an injury derailed her track career, Koya went from feeling like superwoman to feeling like nothing. What happens when you lose your sense of identity — and how can you find the opportunity in it?
  • Koya talks about how she went from a yoga skeptic to a renowned yoga teacher in her own way, on her own terms.
  • Do you only dance when you have a partner? Or cook a good meal when you have a guest? Koya shares the power and joy of doing these things just for yourself.
  • Why self-healing and self-reflecting are required in order to hold space for other people.

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