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Episode 140: Fast Like a Girl with Dr. Mindy Pelz

In this episode...

In this episode, I’m joined by renowned women’s health expert and best-selling author of Fast Like a Girl, Dr. Mindy Pelz. Mindy’s passion is to empower women to believe in their bodies. We discuss how Mindy’s personal experiences motivated her to create a fasting lifestyle for all women. We talk about all the things:  the negative effects of our toxic food system, the benefits of fasting on our bodies, the benefits of different length fasts, and so much more. Whether you’re curious about fasting, looking to reset your body or shed those pesky pounds, this episode is for you! 

Listen to The Nancy Levin Show: Episode 140 to learn how adopting a fasting lifestyle can positively impact your health

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 140:

  • Mindy’s personal fasting experience
  • The United States’ Toxic Food System
  • Female focused fasting lifestyle
  • The benefits of different fasting lengths
  • Mindy’s book, Fast Like a Girl

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