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Episode 13: Everything You Need to Know About Levin Life Coach Academy

In this episode...

Thinking about becoming a life coach, strengthening your coaching practice, or adding coaching to your current profession? In this episode of Your Permission Prescription, I break down everything you need to know about Levin Life Coach Academy — my comprehensive, all-in-one training and certification program for coaches. Listen now for details on all 5 modules, plus the included 3 months of Alumni Membership to help you build or expand your profitable business, plus the bonuses I’m offering! Enrollment is open for a limited time, so press play to get your questions answered.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 13 to learn how to give yourself permission to pursue your dreams with confidence.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 13:

  • In Module 1 of LLCA, I coach you so you can create profound transformation and experience the coaching model you’ll use.
  • In Module 2, you’ll learn methods and tools to master the art of listening, holding others accountable and choosing clients.
  • In Module 3, you’ll get familiar and comfortable with the Reinvention Coaching Scripts before you begin practicing with clients in Module 4.
  • In Module 5 you’ll become a Certified Levin Life Coach with support from your mentor.
  • I also share details about the free 3-month Alumni Membership you’ll receive, as well as my bonuses — including office hours, 1-on-1 coaching, and a live event next spring!

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