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Episode 120: The Power of Self-Permission

In this episode...

This week, I’m giving you permission to finally say yes to YOU! If you’re a people-pleaser, peacekeeper, or a gold star-chaser you’re going to want to tune in. 

In today’s society we can stretch ourselves thin to gain the validation or approval of others. And the worst part is, when we do that we sacrifice ourselves and our own needs. 

What if you knew that everytime you say yes to someone else, you’re saying no to you. 

In this episode I’m sharing the importance and power behind giving yourself permission to put yourself first and invest in your future. 

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 120 to learn how you can start saying yes to you! 

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What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 120:

  • Giving yourself permission to invest in your future
  • The power of healthy selfishness 
  • Releasing your people-pleasing tendencies
  • Prioritizing your own needs first. 
  • My upcoming 3 Secrets Masterclass

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