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Episode 111 Transcript: Inside LLCA Module One: Self-Discovery

Nancy: Module One is in service of you having a full rounded training experience in the seat of the client as well as the seat of the coach. And this is continued throughout the training. You are consistently having the opportunity to engage in your own self-discovery as well as experiencing how to connect your own dots so you are ultimately able to guide clients to connect theirs. 

Nancy: Welcome to Your Permission Prescription. I’m Nancy Levin, founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, bestselling author, master life coach, and your host. I train life coaches, aspiring coaches, and anyone who wants to add coaching skills to their current career to elevate their life and their business. I’ve coached thousands of people to live life on their own terms, and now I coach, train, and certify other coaches to do the same. 

If you are ready to give yourself permission to finally make yourself a priority and mobilize your vision, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in.

Nancy: Welcome back to another episode of Your Permission Prescription. Today I will be sharing with you what happens during Module One in Levin Life Coach Academy, inside of our training and certification program for current and aspiring coaches. 

So while there are many things that make LLCA stand out,and I will certainly be covering them all in the coming weeks, one of the elements that is quite different from other programs is everything in LLCA is happening in real time. 

The sessions are live on Zoom, not prerecorded, not repurposed. Replays are of course available, but we are holding you in the container every step of the way. So you always have the opportunity to ask questions, to get your needs met inside the program as we are moving through it in real time.

So I mention this because one of my biggest pet peeves is witnessing people coaching others without having done their own personal work. Now, I don’t mean that we need to be a hundred percent healed or perfect before we coach others, however, I do believe that it’s essential to engage in our own self-inquiry and self-discovery before we begin coaching. And in fact, we should always be engaged in our own self inquiry and self-discovery.

And we begin LLCA Module One with me coaching you through reinvention coaching – the very coaching model that you will ultimately be certified in to then coach others. So you get to, in Module One, sit in the seat of the client. And from there you get to experience the coaching model and the coaching method, you get to experience how dots begin connecting in your own life.

And all of that is part of the training, part of the education that informs you, so you can be an effective coach. Because part of being an excellent coach is doing our own self-development work, having a reflective practice. And we wanna make sure that, since most clients who come to us especially at first, will be earlier versions of ourselves. We wanna make sure that we’ve already cleaned out what’s going on, our issues, so that we are not emotionally activated when a client comes in with issues that mirror our own. 

So we wanna make sure we’re not getting triggered as we are guiding our clients through whatever it is they’re going through. We wanna make sure that whatever is happening for us is processed, is worked through, that it’s not right on the surface, that it’s not still fresh.

And the other piece is I often see coaches who think coaching is offering advice. So I wanna be clear, coaching is not about giving advice. Coaching is guiding a client to their own inner wisdom and supporting a client in their commitment to their own evolution by holding them accountable to the commitment they’re making to themselves. 

So right up front in Module One, I am modeling this for you. You are in the seat of the client. I take you through the coaching model week by week, you begin to have the aha moments, you begin to have the self-discovery, you begin to make connections, you begin to see a way through, in your own life. And once you’ve had that experience, what really you’re doing is you are validating for yourself that this coaching works.

One of the things I see is on the other end of the training, once certified, there may still be an element of you who thinks sort of imposter syndrome wise, who am I to coach? Will this work? And so what we are seeding through the entire training is you having the experience of the work working. So that by the time you get certified, you have not only embodied the work from the position of a coach, but you’ve actually had your own personal transformation along the way. 

So as I was saying in module one of LLCA, I coach you through reinvention coaching. You experience the model and method firsthand in the seat of the client. And this is an eight week coaching model of mine that hones in on the Eight Dimensions of Reinvention that I’ve established.

So as you’re coming in, whether you are a current or aspiring coach, you are still in your own process of reinvention. In fact, I think we always are. And I look at reinvention as returning to the essence of the truth of who we are before we began packaging ourselves to be digestible to everyone else around us. 

This gives us an opportunity to dive deep into our own origin story to really see what I like to say is the constellation of our life. You know, the dots connecting or the stars connecting if you will, the constellation of what had us become who we are today. Why do we believe what we believe? What has us rejecting parts of ourselves? What has us unsure of our own sense of worth and value? What from the past are we still dragging around beating ourselves up with? How can we step into what I have coined as the Transformation Equation? Change equals vision plus choice plus action. How do we step into change from the perspective of having a vision of where we wanna go and then knowing that our choices and actions will either serve our vision or sabotage it. How do we start looking at our life holistically, even when we begin with finding our vision inside of us incrementally? So discovering our vision for different aspects of our life is what creates the whole vision.

And then from there we can determine our goals. Because coaching is essentially the client’s commitment to their own evolution and then our job as the coach is to hold them accountable to their own commitment to themselves. 

So in Module One, as I am coaching you through the first coaching model of mine that you will get certified in and you are in the seat of the client, the entire module is devoted to you having your own experience. 

And this is supported by weekly sessions with me coaching you in real time. You also have small groups of no more than 10 students. So you’re with your peers in small groups and an LLCA mentor. So you can think of your small group as your own little cohort going through the program together. You are in support of one another, you are the scaffolding for each other as you are reinventing and rebuilding. And your small group of peers with your mentor go through the entire program together, not just Module One. 

In addition, every other week I hold office hours. So that is one hour completely unstructured, no curriculum, no agenda on my part, and I am on Zoom open for you to come ask any questions, get deep coaching around something specific. It’s really an opportunity for you to come and get your needs met. 

One of the things about this program when I was putting it together is I really wanna give you every opportunity to take yourself seriously, make your needs a priority, and get what you need most out of this program. So we give you every opportunity to do so.

And in addition to the small groups continuing through all five modules, the office hours continue every other week during all five modules. Plus in Module One you have a one-on-one coaching session with your mentor. And that is also something we make available to you throughout the modules. So you have several one-on-one coaching opportunities as well. All of this included in your tuition.

So as you’re moving through the process of being coached, you get to really stay present to what’s happening for you. Later on in Module Two, Module Three, Module Four, we show you how the sausage gets made, if you will. But in Module One, it is really about you giving yourself the gift of being in the seat of the client, you accepting the opportunity to take the deep dive on yourself.

And here’s what I know for sure, no matter where you are in your own personal growth process, whether you are just starting out or whether you have been in the trenches with yourself for decades, you will discover something new. I honestly believe that we are constantly in a state of evolution. We are constantly evolving, we are constantly discovering. So I don’t think we stop our inner work ever. I think we use whatever work we’ve done up until now as the platform and foundation for going even deeper. 

So as part of Module One, you begin to, by osmosis, take in the coaching model, you begin to experience how a coaching session is designed. I like to refer to it when we go into Module Two of the Essential Coaching Skills as the anatomy of a coaching session.So you begin to experience the way each session flows and you begin to see the continuity. You get to come into the session and allow yourself to relax into the structure of the session itself. 

Ultimately, Module One is in service of you having a full rounded training experience in the seat of the client as well as the seat of the coach. And this is continued throughout the training. You are consistently having the opportunity to engage in your own self-discovery as well as experiencing how to connect your own dots so you are ultimately able to guide clients to connect theirs. 

And while I’m guiding you and coaching you through Reinvention Coaching, you are really able to address what’s happening in your own life in the moment. So it doesn’t have to be connected to you becoming a coach per se, or you pursuing coaching, it is really connected to you cleaning out anything that still needs your attention. 

That’s really what’s happening in Reinvention Coaching. You are bringing light to what has been in the shadows, to what is still undercover, to the ways in which you are still withholding or holding yourself back in your own life. Because when a client comes to you as a coach, they’re coming to you because they want movement. Really coaching comes down to action, it comes down to forward movement. And so you get the experience firsthand in Module One of having your own momentum. 

I hope you’ve appreciated this little tour through Module One of Levin Life Coach Academy enrollment will be opening soon, so stay tuned. If you’re not yet on the priority list, you can get yourself on there by going to nancy levin.com/yes. So simply visit nancylevin.com/yes and you will be the first to know when enrollment opens. 

And as always, thanks so much for being here with me and I look forward to continuing the tour through Levin Life Coach Academy next week. 

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