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Episode 109 Transcript: Awaken the Power of Intuition with MaryAnn DiMarco

MaryAnn: When you feel like you’re allowing that ego to get in there and you think it’s always supposed to be grand, you miss the amazing small stuff that life can bring. You miss the incredible moments that Spirit is really working hard to show you. And a lot of people with the mindset of, you know, let’s go from 0 to 60, and I tell them, you’re missing the whole ride. Take the scenic route because that is the most incredible journey. Even the pain can be powerful if you learn from it, you understand it on a deeper level, and connection with higher source and Spirit can absolutely, and by the way, that can take you there as well. But Spirit will bring you people right here in this realm and that will help you.

Nancy: Welcome to Your Permission Prescription. I’m Nancy Levin, founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, bestselling author, master life coach, and your host. I train life coaches, aspiring coaches, and anyone who wants to add coaching skills to their current career to elevate their life and their business. I’ve coached thousands of people to live life on their own terms, and now I coach, train, and certify other coaches to do the same. 

If you are ready to give yourself permission to finally make yourself a priority and mobilize your vision, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in.

Nancy: Welcome back to another episode of Your Permission Prescription and I am delighted today to have my guest, MaryAnn DiMarco. MaryAnn is an internationally recognized psychic medium, healer, spiritual teacher, and the author of Medium Mentor: 10 Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance for Yourself and Others, as well as the book, Believe Ask Act: Divine Steps to Raise Your Intuition, Create Change, and Discover Happiness

And I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Maryann for several years now. We met at our mutual friend, Gabby Bernstein’s event in New York City, whenever that was. And we both spoke. And I think I could say this for both of us, we’ve each had just an ongoing affection for one another. 

MaryAnn: Very true, very absolutely true. Please say that. Yes,

Nancy: I’m saying it. So I’m thrilled to have you here. 

MaryAnn: Aw, thank you so much for having me. I am thrilled to be here and yes, ongoing affection. I have a crush on you, Nancy. I love you. 

Nancy: Oh, I love that. I love the girl crushes. 

MaryAnn: Yeah, it’s good girl crush. 

Nancy: Yes. And we were just physically together in Tampa. 

MaryAnn: we were

Nancy: In May and it was wonderful to see you in the flesh. Wasn’t it just wild to be around like people and hugging?

MaryAnn: Yeah, like just people live, people that I can hug and be with and just experience the great energy of those rooms too. It was fantastic. 

Nancy: Yes. 

MaryAnn: Yeah, it was wonderful. I was like, wow, this is amazing just to be around people. 

Nancy: So I wanna begin at the beginning with you and I wanna know sort of what was it, an event, an occurrence, a happening in your life that tuned you into your gifts? 

MaryAnn: Ever since I was little, I’ve been tuned in. 

Nancy: Okay. 

MaryAnn: My mom had me tuned in. I was raised by a mother who is very spiritual. She had me going to meditation classes with her when I was little. I just thought it was really normal until I realized it wasn’t, until somebody made me aware that that’s weird, well at least I thought so at the time. And so I grew up knowing that I was psychic. I grew up knowing that loved ones were absolutely trying to get to me and communicate with me through dreams and just what I was hearing in common conversations with them, hear their voices. And I also knew it in the advice that I would give people. I was really kinda strong in my opinions. Yeah. I’d be like, oh, this is gonna happen. So I was that person who was always like, I told you. 

So I had this stability that I did not know how to use. I knew it was there, it would come up instinctually, but not nothing strong. When I was in my thirties, I found myself getting divorced, my shock, and I found myself with two little kids. I found myself without a career because I had given up my career to stay home. And I was experiencing not only the grief of my marriage, but at that time my father-in-law at that time had passed. And so I was dealing with intense grief, not only for myself,but for my children and my ex-husband as well, and his whole family. And so it was just really odd grief time, deep grief that I hadn’t experienced in many, many years since the passing of my grandmother and all these things. 

I wound up going to this spiritual teacher and I thought she was a psychic. So I thought I was going go there and get a psychic greeting and she said, oh, no, no, no. I’m a spiritual teacher and I teach people how to do this. I teach people how to be psychic mediums. And I quite naturally just said to her, I think I’m supposed to see you now. I knew right then and there that in some way, shape or form I was going to do this, or at least I was going to finally learn how to harness these skills and understand them on a deeper level and go, go on what I thought was just going to be kind of a fun exploration of these gifts. And never in a million years did I think this. 

Nancy: Wow. 

MaryAnn: The universe provides exactly what you need, and if you say yes to it, you’re in, you know you’re doing it. And so I said yes. And I just started getting, people were just asking me for readings just by from classes and then from word of mouth and I suddenly realized that this was something that I was supposed to be doing in the here and now, and I’ve just continued to grow with it. I love it. Yeah. 

Nancy: Yeah. So I know you know that I was the Event Director at Hay House for a dozen years, and so I know many of the Hay House psychics and mediums, and I remember having a conversation with John Holland where he said, when he was younger and before he really could harness the energy of his abilities, it just felt like it was a hairdryer on all the time.

And it wasn’t until he started to really learn how to work with practices to what do I wanna say? To sort of turn himself off. To not be a channel or not be a conduit. I’m curious what that was like for you. 

MaryAnn: Once I had that healing from a woman named Pat Lago, who’s fascinating, once I had that healing from her, it was like the doors just, it just, everything clicked. She said to me, you know, spirit comes in your own voice, right? And those words, you’re kidding me, because I was trying to hear this outside voice all the time. Everything fell into place. But just like any spiritual awakening, it wasn’t always the most comfortable spaces. And so, yeah, everything sort of just exploded wide open. I was really able to process what I was hearing, and that was an amazing and beautiful gift, but it was scary. And what was I now going to do with it? How do I turn it off? It was really just practice and learning through classes, practice, learning, practice that repetition of truly understanding what this ability is, what I should be doing with it for the greater good, the most highest good of all concern, and really my boundaries. I mean, which played to you, you know and really learning what I don’t wanna see what I do wanna see because very much to John’s point is that, you know, when you’re younger and you’re just seeing all these things, and it’s just haphazard and, and I was dreaming of 9/11 before it happened. I saw death on people, just crazy things I never wanted to experience. I understood that shutting down and learning how to harness it had a lot to do with boundaries. 

Nancy: Mm. Well, well, you know,you know, we could talk about boundaries forever. 

MaryAnn: Yes, yes, yes. 

So I put my boundaries with spirit. I said, I don’t wanna see this. I do wanna see this. And then honestly, just like any other job, you have to work at it and be good at it and believe in it. And that’s helped me to this day – the same practice. 

Nancy: So I’m curious if there was a time that you didn’t trust yourself and what it looked like to really be able to be with what you knew was true. 

MaryAnn: I teach this to my students, trust in your abilities, yes. Trust in the higher source that is helping you along is even bigger than that. And when you trust, this is a blind faith, you’re trusting this energy source, God, fire energy, whatever it is for you, you’re trusting this. You’re trusting that there are spiritual guides, a spiritual team, a universal team that’s around you that’s helping you. You’re trusting that your loved ones are there helping you. That’s a real big blind faith. And you’re putting yourself into this and holding onto it and there’s nothing else you can do, but surrender to that. 

Once you do that, the validation is miraculous. They will show up for you in so many many ways, what flies out of my mouth, I even say, oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I can’t believe it. You know? 

And so they provide you with the evidence that you need. You have to, however, join them in that and say, okay, I will no longer question I am surrendering over that this is going on and that I can do this and I believe that everybody can do this to some extent. 

And that not only am I part of that bigger picture, that light, that big light lives within me I’m part of this big story with source. And so you work together as this team. And Nancy, they never let me down. And so then that, then they gain even more of my trust. Doesn’t mean I don’t have self-doubt, by the way. Doesn’t mean my ego doesn’t get in there and all the things, but I just know my inner knowing, my inner clear cognizance just knows that this is truth. This it’s my truth. 

Nancy: How would you talk about the similarity or difference between psychic energy and intuition? 

MaryAnn: They’re one and the same in that we are relying on our inner knowing to connect with information. Intuition, very much for self. We’re giving that out in various ways, maybe to other people around us.

Psychic energy, you might  be projecting a little bit more of an extension of that, where we’re getting into maybe prediction or just a, a, a more extended knowing of what may happen. Storylines, energy, all types of things for other people. We’re all psychic to some degree. All of us. We all have a psychic connection. And so we’re all intuitive and harnessing those skills and marrying them together can be one and the same if you choose. I think using your psychic abilities can make that intuition even more enhanced. You go from maybe a muted intuition to maybe a really sharp intuition, and again, we lean back into that trust and you just trust it through practice and honoring a spiritual practice. And then that validation continues to,

to come forward. But I do, I believe that we are all psychic. 

Nancy: Mm. 

MaryAnn: And if you wanna call that intuition, if that makes somebody more comfortable to call it intuition, by all means, call it intuition. 

Nancy: Yeah. And so as you were honing your gift and harnessing your gift, I imagine that there was at times an element of you know, we talked about boundarie,s of sort of recognizing a boundary around do I need to ask someone permission to share with them what I am seeing or what I’m feeling? Yeah. 

MaryAnn: Yes. I teach, if you’re going to do this work as a psychic medium, we must be very aware that there’s weight and responsibility that comes along with that. That we have people’s feelings in our hands. I mean, we’ve been to psychics. You go to a psychic medium, you’re like, there’s that anticipation, and you’re nervous, and you’re like, what are they going to tell me? And we have to be very aware of that in how we deliver. And I, I teach people to deliver with care concern, compassion. Is this going to serve them for the greater good, the most highest good of all concern? Is this going to serve them? Are they going to walk away thinking I needed to hear that. So I ask that spirit provides those types of words for me, every time I do a reading, before I go on a stage, I always say, dear spirit, please gimme the words to serve. That’s really what I,

the only thing that I want, I’m just the conduit. And there has, it has to be an element of permission. If somebody’s coming to me, they’re giving me their permission when I’m out in the wild. 

Nancy: Right. 

MaryAnn: I am not walking up to people saying, listen, no your grandmother don’t like that guy you’re dating. You know, I don’t do that. And I think it’s the invasive. And so I think we have, but there are ways that we can say, you know, sometimes I have intuition about things. Is there something, can I tell you this? Would you wanna hear something? Even with my own children, I say to them, do you want my advice or do you want me to just listen?

Nancy: Mm. 

MaryAnn: Because I don’t that they always want me to channel up something for them. Even even mother’s intuition needs to be toned down sometimes. I think that’s a very, I’m so glad you asked me that question, because I think the misconception is that, you know, psychics are walking around just reading people and they, they, there are some that do,and I don’t agree with that. I think it’s irresponsible. 

Nancy: Yeah. Yeah. And you just said, I think that’s irresponsible. And I was going to say, you know, I think that there a great deal of responsibility comes alongside hand in hand with having this kind of gift and awareness. 

MaryAnn: Agreed. Agreed. And, and you can be for my budding psychics out there too.

Nancy: Yes. 

MaryAnn: Somebody can say, oh, you know, so-and-so would really love a message from you. And I have fallen for that, where I’ve been like, oh and I’ll say, and that person was like, I told you not to say anything. So I always go to source, and I always tell people, do they want the reading? Are they ready for it? Are they open for it? It’s just common courtesy, honestly. You know, it’s polite. Do you want me to tap into your energy? Because It can feel, I don’t like when somebody does it to me, and I’m a psychic. 

Nancy: Right. 

MaryAnn: And I don’t like when somebody’s reading me, I’m like, I didn’t ask you to do that. So, yeah, I think it’s a skill, like I said, and it should be respected not only for yourself, but for the person that you might be getting a message for. Absolutely. 

Nancy: So, you know, a little bit ago you said I, that you believe everyone has intuition, everyone is psychic, you know, however you wanna name it. And so I know that in your book Media Mentor, you offer techniques for us to be able to awaken our divine guidance, awaken our intuition. I’m imagine awaken, this to me it’s also a sense of being able to listen to the whispers. And that we can do this for ourselves. We can do it for others also, but we can also really do this for ourselves. So I’m curious to know some of the techniques, but I’m also curious to know how you sort of frame this in the way that these techniques support us in our own healing and our own evolution. 

MaryAnn: Mm. I love that. The techniques should first and foremost feel authentic to you. 

Nancy: Mm. 

MaryAnn: Setting up a consistent spiritual practice is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself. But it doesn’t have to look like mine. And I think that people look at very spiritual people and, oh, oh, I should be, I don’t know, floating on a cloud somewhere in Bali and doing all the things. And if that’s your jam and that feels authentic to you, I’ve often, somebody asked me once, you know, what does your altar look like? I said, I don’t have an altar, it’s how I roll. But if you like one, by all means. 

So I think we have to understand that. And this is very freeing for a lot of my students. When they hear this, you can make your spiritual practice look like whatever you want it to look like. It has to fit into your schedule,it has to fit into your lifestyle or else it’s work.

Nancy:  Right. 

MaryAnn: And it shouldn’t be that type of work. So make it whatever you want. And they give examples of how to set up a spiritual schedule in the book. 

Other things that you can do is pick a form of meditation, whatever that feels like for you. Whether it’s formal meditation, whether it’s breath work, whether it’s taking a walk. We need some, at some point, time to quiet the mind and receive information. And there’s many techniques we can get into automatic writing. We can get into meeting your guides in some way, shape, or form. I mean, there’s lots of things that we can do, but if you don’t believe that you can do it, your mind is going to continue to get in the way. 

And I, I have a chapter in there that about imagination. Use your imagination to make these connections. Sit down with your loved ones in your mind, I have a meditation called Meeting Hours in Heaven, sit down with them. Create, because they’re giving you that input anyway. And so we always go back to get to that trust, that belief, that surrender over that you can have the, that you do have the ability and you can do it. And then lean into various practices that work for you. The biggest thing is just be consistent in it. Ground and protect yourself on a daily basis. If you feel the need to sage,sage. If you wanna work with Oracle cards or if you know that’s your jam, do that. If you like to journal, do that. If you like to listen to music and that raises your vibration, you feel a connection to spirit that day because you did that, do that. Just do it consistently. 

Nancy: Mm. 

MaryAnn: I pay attention to your clairs, know your clairs. 

Nancy: Share a bit about that for those who don’t know. 

MaryAnn: How are you receiving the energy? Are you hearing them? Are you seeing them? Is it your clairaudience? Is it your clairvoyance? Is it clairalience? Claircognizant’s my favorite. The knowing. When I’m reading, I use them all. I taste, I smell, I hear I, they’re using my third eye. I see things very rarely with the naked eye ,but it can happen. 

And I want you to pay attention to all of these things because your energy, language, your frequency that you vibrate at is very important. And by using these Claires, we can really make connection with not only our loved ones, but our spirit guides, our higher self. All your spirit guides, our universal team on the other side, are trying to do is to get you to hear your higher self. And they just want you to know they already know your story and so you. And so they’re just trying to help you access that story so that we can muddle on through this crazy school called Earth. And that’s really all it is. It’s this wonderful relationship. And there’s, when you’re consistent in that practice, you’ll hear that guidance with a lot more clarity.

And so you should know your Claire’s and, and what they are. You could pay attention to things like your chakras and where you carry energy’s always a great way. There’s so many things that you can do. Just make it, you sit. Just do it for yourself in your most authentic way. 

Nancy: Mm. 

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Nancy: I love what you’ve just shared and with my students, I’m always talking about, you know, rituals of self connection. And of course people tend to think like, I need to meditate for seven hours a day on a mountaintop. Right, you knowrRight. 

MaryAnn: You know, because I get distracted. 

Nancy: Right. 

MaryAnn: You know, that’s not serving you. Let’s not make it work.

Nancy:  Exactly. 

MaryAnn: If you wanna be better and more proficient at it, yeah practice it. But that’s not necessary. 

Nancy: Exactly. And I approach my morning rituals, my evening rituals as I get to do this. You know, I look forward to waking up to be able to do this. And it does have to fit into your life. It can’t be something that already is going to be an obstacle. Otherwise, of course, you’re not going to do it.

MaryAnn:  No. It’s going to be discouraging. It’s going to be defeating. And what people don’t realize, and you’re great example of this, you know, you’re working with one-on-one clients. You are mentoring over to them and and helping them in their own lives. You are channeling that in itself is spiritual. 

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: That is part of your spiritual practice. And I think people forget that their jobs, whether it’s parenting, whether it’s working for large corporation, whether you are in sales, whatever, whether you’re in the medical field, whatever your job is, there is an output there. 

Nancy: Yes. 

MaryAnn: And you need to incorporate that into your spiritual schedule. I do this a lot with parents who are like, well I ran around with the kids and I did this and I didn’t have time. And I think, well, did you feel accomplished after you got all those tasks done? Did that make you feel good? Were you guided to go about your day with the schedule, following the breadcrumbs of what you needed to do in order to fulfill your service as a parent for the day? And did that make you feel good? Well, yeah. Well, that’s very spiritual. Did you get stressed out? Well, yeah it was very stressful. What’d you do to remedy that? Right? Did you take five minutes to just have some breath? Maybe that’s where we tweak it, but we should really know that our daily lives are busy and that some of those things that we’re doing very spiritual and within themselves, and then all of a sudden you’re like, oh, I have this very full schedule. And I, I didn’t give myself credit for that. Now it’s less defeating. 

Nancy: Yeah. And it is, it’s so much more intertwined than compartmentalized. And I see that too. And I do agree. I know that in the work I do with, in my training program or with clients, that it’s really more about the transmission. 

MaryAnn: Yes. 

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: Yes. 

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: You’re awakening people, you’re getting them, you’re marrying their energy. You are at that moment psychically intertwined with your person, your client, whatever it’s that you call the, right? Your your people. 

Nancy: Yep. 

MaryAnn: And you’re in there and you’re intertwined. That’s an output. 

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: On your end. And we do that in our daily lives with our family, our friends. We do that with coworkers and colleagues. Why are we doing it with ourselves? Are we taking a moment to replenish self? That’s where the imbalance comes in. 

Nancy: Always. 

MaryAnn: Are we scold? Yes. And then we’ll scold ourselves and shame ourselves into all the things. The ego gets in the way. If we’re tuning into our guides it’s happy to redirect us. So we can ask them in those moments, here, I did all this, I’m so exhausted, I don’t know what to do. But now I haven’t had time to do anything. And if you’re listening to the guidance, you’ll hear close your eyes for 10 minutes. Journal, text a friend. 

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: Listen to music. You know, you’ll hear this guidance and you have to say yes to it.

Nancy: And what I appreciate about this, because so many of the people that I tend to work with are people-pleasers, peacekeepers, conflict avoiders, don’t wanna rock the boat, right?

MaryAnn:  Of course, 

Nancy: Yes. And part of what you’re talking about has to begin with acknowledging that there’s something that I need. I have a need. I may not know what I need right now, but at least ask what is it in this moment that I need? And how can I best give it to myself? 

MaryAnn: And give yourself permission to receive the answer. 

Nancy: Amen.

MaryAnn: Right?

Nancy:  Yeah. 

MaryAnn: Such people pleaser before I did this work. I spent a lot of years of my 20s and 30s really being such a people pleaser. I realized that when you start to set boundaries with spirit, that was a complete sentence. And anyone who’s listening, please work with Nancy and learn about your boundaries. Because it’s life changing. It’s life changing. 

When I incorporated that school of thought into my spirituality work, there’s no going back. Because you learn that putting yourself first is not selfish. That it’s actually survival. And that in order to show up for everybody else, spirit wants you to take care of you. And then you get to show up for everybody else. You get to show up even better and stronger. 

Nancy: Yes. And we live in such a binary world, you know, either/or black/white, you know? 

MaryAnn: Yes. 

Nancy: Like, you know, we live in such…exactly. And I’m forever talking about, it’s not either I take care of myself or I take care of you. It’s the both/and. I can show up better in the world when I am taking really good care of myself. And so there’s, you know, in what, in everything you’re sharing, there’s, it’s a holistic integrated view. 

MaryAnn: Oh my, it’s a school of thought. It’s a school of thought. And I think we need to be very aware too, there are people really suffering. And that this concept is tough for them. That their lives are in either physical problems that are going on, mental stuff that is going on, maybe there’s trauma and tragedy going on in their life. And holding on to that school of thought, how can I possibly put myself first when I have all of this going on? Or, you know, the universe has really turned their back on me. I mean, that’s a domino effect of things that have been happening. And this is reality. And so to me, when I work with people who are going through it, I try, and I, and I think with people who aren’t, I try to tell them, it is not such a grand school of thought. It doesn’t mean we’re going to boil the ocean in a day. 

If you could hold onto a pinpoint, if you could just see pinpoint of light just for a moment. I used to say, even if you just give gratitude for a nice, like you had a moment of silence with a hot cup of coffee for like two minutes. It just felt really good. Or your body was free of pain for a hot minute. Or you found an answer, a resolution. Somebody’s coming in to help you and you have a sense of hope in that moment, maybe even if it’s fleeting. Those moments will grow the more you focus on them, they’ll grow, they’ll grow, and they’ll grow. And then you’ll hear that higher answer again. They’ll keep hearing that higher answer. 

So to me, it can really be very powerful in, in various forms for many different scenarios in people’s lives, many different types of people, what you’re going through. Always boils down to that light. 

Nancy: The micro. 

MaryAnn: Micro. 

Nancy: Yeah. And again, we get hungry for the macro. We only think something counts or matters if it’s big. And it has to begin with the micro. 

MaryAnn:: Nancy, that has gotten me in trouble more times. You’re a big thinker. I’m a Pisces, I’m a big dreamer. 

Nancy: Me too, a Pisces 

MaryAnn: That, you know, I’m a big dreamer. When you feel like you’re allowing that ego to get in there and you think it’s always supposed to be grand, you miss the amazing small stuff that life can bring. You miss the incredible moments that Spirit is really working hard to show you. And a lot of people with the mindset of, you know, let’s go from 0 to 60, and I tell them, you’re missing the whole ride. Take the scenic route because that is the most incredible journey. Even the pain can be powerful if you learn from it, you understand it on a deeper level, and connection with higher source and Spirit can absolutely, and by the way, that can take you there as well. But Spirit will bring you people right here in this realm and that will help you. 

That will. I, you know, we were down at the Hay House together, I’m not part of Hay House, but yeah, we were down there and I felt really vulnerable. You know, I felt really out of sorts. I felt like everything was bigger than me. My ego was really kind of in it. And beautiful clip burner, you came over and said to me, you know, you’re supposed to be here. And she just, you know, at that moment corrected me. And to me, I thought, oh my gosh, yeah, this is, this is okay to be here and to enjoy the moment and enjoy the space. But, you know, I get into it like every anybody else and spirit provided,

Nancy: Right. I mean, at the end of the day, we are human, even though sometimes we wanna deny our humanity.

MaryAnn: It’s so great because I think people think, oh, you know, you’re into it and you’ve got this routine, you’ve been doing it forever and I should be love and light all the time. And it, no, I’m a human being, as are you, as we’re all. And we’re gonna have our human moments. It’s how do we answer the human moments. 

Nancy: Yeah. And it, I always look at it like, as I learn more, as I evolve, as I grow, as I know myself better, my recovery time is quicker. 

MaryAnn: Yes. Because it becomes instinctual.

Nancy:  Exactly. Yeah. 

MaryAnn: All right. I’m already having the dialogue with myself. You’re being ridiculous, calm down, you know, I was judging myself and all the things. And then Spirit was like, Colette, go help. Go help her out. 

Nancy: Well, I know, I think of what, I don’t know that he made this up, but I always hear Kyle Gray say, you know, if you think it’s a sign, it’s a sign. 

MaryAnn: It’s, and he, and it’s, yeah. Don’t Question it. 

Nancy: Right. Don’t question it. 

MaryAnn: Don’t Question that. Yeah. And so in that moment, I was like, all right, thank you universe. You know, because, and it, and I chose in that moment to hear it, receive it, and change my vibration up and say, okay. And that really helps you navigate out of that doubt, the fear, the ego, the imposter syndrome, whatever’s coming up in one’s life, always be answered by hearing that higher voice. If you choose it. Free will is a big deal, right? 

And you know, to what we’re talking about too, don’t shame yourself. If you’re human, you, you’re, it’s going show up. Now we’re answering it. Eventually you get this great rhythm and then you’re like, all right, call yourself out quicker on your nonsense. 

Nancy: I know. Yeah. I know. This piece about the way that we are in connection and relationship with ourselves, sets the stage for everything else in our lives. And for me, everything in my life shifted when I started to be really kind and loving to myself. When I stopped beating myself up, when I stopped waking up in a shame and worry spiral, when I was really able to just be noticing that my thoughts were kind. You know, I always think Louise, Louise Hay always used to say, don’t think the thoughts that scare you.

And so many people are unaware that we actually can choose our thoughts. 

MaryAnn: Absolutely can choose our thoughts. And I think we can learn to recognize that we’re not alone in intrusive thoughts. 

Nancy: Yep. 

MaryAnn: That we all have, we’re all product of our environment in some way, shape, or form. But we do have this amazing ability to change our storyline and to change our narrative. And when you make that choice, there’s no going back. 

It’s one of the most powerful things that I’ve did for myself, quite honestly. And that I teach others because I what we, by the way, what we learned, we teach what we learn, we give over, 

Nancy: Of course. 

MaryAnn: And Yeah. So there’s no gatekeeping. I like to share it all.

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: And I, yeah. Wanna tell people that when you choose yourself as your main character and you can create this amazing role, your life really does change. And I truly, truly believe that. It might not happen overnight, but it does change. Might not be easy. I had to make really tough decisions in order to get to this space. And I’ll continue to make tough decisions because we are ever evolving and ever growing. But the foundation of who I am has returned back to its her true nature, her true self, which is, I’m a powerful loving woman who wants to do good in this world and I have the ability to do that and so I’m going to share it over and hear the, hear the story, right? You could create that original character comes back when you came into this world as being, the only other stuff is just noise. 

Nancy: I mean, we’re so aligned, and it’s beautiful. 

MaryAnn: And it’s our Pisces souls. 

Nancy: It is our Pisces souls. And you know, what you just said is, you know, so core for me, because when I talk about reinvention, it’s really a return to the essence of who we are before we began packaging ourselves to be digestible to everybody else. 

MaryAnn: I love the digestible to everybody else. 

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: Many years I spent not wanting to disappoint people, and I created a role in order to maintain that illusion. 

Nancy: Absolutely. 

MaryAnn: It’s really hard to dismantle it. And I think, you know, I think we, we could talk about that at length another time, but it’s really hard to dismantle it. Once you do, though you’re really aware of what you yourself are capable of. And even though it may be hard, you’re still in a flow. You can feel the knowing that this is the right thing to do even though it’s the hard thing to do. And it’s not going to make everybody happy. And you will lose friends, and you will lose family members and you will have people who are like, what are you crazy? You know, why are you doing this? But your knowing doesn’t lie, and you just kind of stick to that truth. 

Nancy: Yeah. The one thing I will say that surprised me more than anything, and I think if it’s one of those things that if someone tells you it’s hard to believe until you experience it, is once I was willing to let go of the role, the persona, really put down this whole drive I had around being the queen of everything, and being the queen of the impossible, and chasing all the gold stars and projecting this image of perfection to the world. Once I was able to take the armor off, man, I had so much more energy. 

MaryAnn: Oh, yes. 

Nancy: So much more energy. 

MaryAnn: Oh yes, clarity.

Nancy: Yes. Clarity. 

MaryAnn: Fog Lifted. 

Nancy: Absolutely.

MaryAnn: I don’t know that I was always a very nice person too, trying to keep up that role.

Nancy: Right. 

MaryAnn: Because there’s a, there’s a desperation in that.

Nancy: Absolutely true. 

MaryAnn: You know, years ago, and I, I just, I, when I reflect on it now, what I see there is a, as a young woman who is very desperate for validation. Aand when you let go of that, I think not only do you have more energy and everything’s so much more clarity, but I think there’s a kindness that comes along with that as well. 

And so, when I started this work, and I know that you do this as well, I really wanna help other people in this field. And I, I wanna see people succeed. 

Nancy: Yeah. 

MaryAnn: And yes, I’m a naturally competitive person and all that stuff, but I just kind of ignore all that if that’s just part of who I am. And it’s really more about like, you get to kind of bring people to the forefront and wanna see them succeed and get really excited when there’s other, I get really excited when I hear other psychic mediums speaking the words that resonate with me, you know, and like, you know, spreading this really cool, consistent message. 

And so it’s so much more relaxing, honestly, to kind of just go, it doesn’t mean I don’t wanna succeed. It doesn’t mean I’m not ambitious. It doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna, you know, put out great work and that, that I hope it’s well received. You know, I think we’re just human beings that way. And that’s just part of who I am. But that tenacity has so much more love behind it.

Nancy: Yes. Yes. 

MaryAnn: More fun. 

Nancy; Yes, 

MaryAnn: It’s just fun.

Nancy:  It’s Fun. I agree. 

So the name of this podcast is Your Permission Prescription. 

MaryAnn: Okay.

Nancy:  And we’ve talked about permission a bit here and there, but I’d love to hear the permission prescription you offer the listeners. What would you invite them to give themselves permission for? 

MaryAnn:: Give yourself permission to accept the fact that you are not separate from the greatness that this universe has to offer, that you are part of the greatness, that you are the light. And give yourself permission to shine that light as bright and as authentically as you feel called to do. Unapologetically, please unapologetically give it over and silence the noise and just go with that inner voice because it will never let you down.

Nancy: Beautiful. And where’s the best place to find you online?

MaryAnn: I think you can find me on maryanndimarco.com and @maryannmedium on social. And you know, all my stuff’s right there. Yeah 

Nancy: Yeah. We’ll put that in the show notes too. And oh, Maryann, you are a delight. I’m so grateful. I’m very grateful. 

MaryAnn:I’m so grateful. Thank you so much for having me. You’re my MPisces sister.

Nancy: Yay. Yay. And for all of you listening, I’ll be back again next week. 

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