How Louise Hay Helped Me Blow Up My Life


How Louise Hay Helped Me Blow Up My Life

In this episode...

In the inaugural episode of Your Permission Prescription, I share my journey to discovering and owning my truth — including all the destruction that came along the way. For most of my life I lived in the service of others, I aimed to be what they wanted me to be, and made it my personal mission to be everything to everyone.

I wasn’t living in my truth! In fact, I was ignoring it as much as humanly possible. Here’s the problem with living life that way: We create chaos when we avoid telling our truth.

Ultimately, it was Louise Hay, my dear friend and mentor, who gave me permission to take off my armor, put down my my cape, and start living in my truth,

And now I’m here to do the same for you.

Are you showing up in the truth of who you are, or are you showing up in the version that someone else needs you to be?

What parts of you are hiding and not seeing the light of day?

What are you willing to tell yourself the truth about this week?


Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 1 to learn how to start living your truth.


What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 1:

  • What do you believe you have to hide so other people will love and accept you?
  • I had a choice – I could either go back to sleep, or set about making a major change, but it had to begin with truth telling.
  • The dissolution of my marriage became the catalyst for the great healing with my mother.
  • When we betray another, we betray ourselves first and foremost. We’re so used to betraying ourselves for the sake of someone else.
  • Consider how often you ask yourself: What do I need to do or say to make everything ok?
  • I was able to heal my shame so that any criticism or judgement from the outside had no velcro to stick to.
  • When our vulnerabilities meet in the sweet spot, that’s when intimacy is formed.


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