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Episode 158 Transcript: Shadow Work Part 4: Nourishment

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Nancy: Nourishment is a necessity. When you nourish yourself, you strengthen your connection to your authentic self, and you increase your capacity for intimacy and connection with others. Because you are being true with yourself around what it is that you need and want and desire, and you begin fulfilling it for yourself first.  Nancy: […]

Episode 158: Shadow Work Part 4: Nourishment

We’re moving on to part 4 of my shadow work series where I’m guiding you through the 7 alchemical stages of shadow work! In the previous episodes, I’ve shared Stages 1-5 and this week, I’ll be discussing Stage 6: Nourishment. Nourishment is about allowing yourself to be open to desire.  To truly nourish yourself, it’s […]