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Episode 153 Transcript: Handbook for the Heartbroken with Sara Avant Stover

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Sara: Life is short. And we are each born with a unique destiny. And maybe now we doubt it. Maybe we’ve ignored it. Maybe we’ve just forgotten about it and it’s buried and we think it’s not possible. But that is what we are uniquely destined to do. Just like an acorn inside that holds […]

Episode 153: Handbook for the Heartbroken with Sara Avant Stover

In this episode of The Nancy Levin Show, I’m joined by Sara Avant Stover, author, teacher, mentor in women’s spirituality and entrepreneurship, and a certified Internal Family Systems practitioner. Sara recently released her newest book Handbook for the Heartbroken: A Woman’s Path from Devastation to Rebirth where she focuses on creating a conversation around the […]