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Episode 30: The New Year’s Ritual that Will Keep Your Goals on Track All Year Long

In this episode...

The way that we approach the new year sets the foundation for the year ahead. That’s why in this episode, I encourage you to avoid the tempting habit of kicking things off with unrealistic goals filled with deprivation and restriction.

Instead, I encourage you to focus on approaching the new year by setting non-negotiables, not resolutions! And I’m going to show you how. This tiny shift helps you to release the practices and commitments that no longer serve you, creating the space for you to welcome in the rituals, habits, and goals that are most aligned with your deepest desires.

I’ll also share my Transformation Equation Method, my secret for creatively visualizing the direction you want your life to go – as well as how to easily reconnect with your inner GPS so that you stay on track all year (regardless of what 2022 may throw at you!).

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 30 to feel excited and energized for the endless possibilities that a fresh year can bring.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 30:

  • The key to starting your year off right is setting non-negotiables, not resolutions!
  • Why looking at our unfinished business creates the space we need to call in more of what we want in our lives (Spoiler alert!
  • You have permission to release the things you are no longer committed to!)
  • The power of committing to just ten minutes of a self-connection practice daily, and how this practice can bring us closer to our goals each day.
  • How putting yourself first actually provides the energy and nourishment needed to create the best life for yourself, and for those you love.
  • The secret recipe for visualizing the direction you want your life to go – my Transformation Equation Method!

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