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“Please read this book. . . and then give it to everyone you know!”

— Gabrielle Bernstein, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Super Attractor and international speaker

Ready to Revolutionize Your Life by Setting Boundaries That Stick?

In Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free: The Ultimate Guide to Telling the Truth, Creating Connection, and Finding Freedom I lay out the essential steps you need to take in order to finally live life on your own terms. 

This book will guide you to set healthy boundaries so you can get your needs met. You’ll learn how to build the muscles of self-respect and self-love by honoring and taking care of your own boundaries (without feeling stressed or worried about how others might react). And, you’ll discover how much more you have to give to your relationships as they flourish! 

More importantly, you’ll discover a life of greater peace, ease and contentment - in every area of your life.

Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free will show you how to become a boundary badass and reclaim your desires. In these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop saying yes, when you mean no!
  • Conquer codependence and give voice to your own needs
  • Carefully choose and consciously curate what you want to call in
  • Set healthy limits and maintain them in every area of your life
  • Embody your empowered future as a boundary badass

When you learn to set effective boundaries, you’ll discover a level of freedom that will transform your life. Instead of waiting for others to show up and take your needs seriously - you’ll build the tools to ensure you set the boundaries that matter most to you!

Listen, boundary-setting doesn’t need to be scary and it doesn’t mean that you’re being a bitch. Setting boundaries are actually the revolutionary doorway you walk through to claim more joy, excitement and even intimacy. 

And it all begins when you learn to set your first boundary!

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“Get out your highlighter because Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free is an incredibly insightful guide to freedom and you’ll want to remember every word. This should be required reading . . . for everyone!”

— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Juice and wellness activist



During this personal and thought-provoking event, you’ll learn the secrets to making yourself a priority and setting boundaries that stick!

Longtime friends Nancy and Gabby will share with you how setting and maintaining boundaries is the key to finding the freedom you’ve been waiting for.


Uncover the reasons you don’t set boundaries and learn the words you can use in any situation to express a boundary with confidence, peace and security!

  • Stop saying yes, when you mean no!
  • Conquer codependence and give voice to your own needs
  • Set healthy limits and maintain them in every area of your life
  • Embody your empowered future as a boundary badass

Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free is the quintessential guide for empowerment, while presenting you with a profound opportunity for taking action with self-respect and self-worth.”

— Colette Baron-Reid, best-selling author of Uncharted

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“Nancy Levin is the perfect teacher and guide for this day and age. She’s been there. She’s lived it, breathed it, learned it, and now distills her wisdom in the kind of teaching that you can apply to your life today.”

— Nick Ortner, New York Times best-selling author of
The Tapping Solution Manifesting Your Greatest Self

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About Nancy

Best Selling Author, Master Life Coach, Founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, Nancy’s written five life-changing books and coached thousands of people to live the best version of their lives by putting themselves first and setting boundaries that stick.

She’s been featured in O magazine, Psychology Today and Best Self and is a frequent presenter/trainer at Omega, Kripalu and 1440 Multiversity. As the founder of Levin Life Coach Academy - a premier life coach training & certification program - Nancy trains coaches to transform their own lives so they can  help others do the same. 

Nancy understands the importance of setting boundaries because for years, she neglected hers and put everyone’s needs above her own. But, as she shares, eventually your own well-being demands to be heard.

Nancy spent decades avoiding conflict by pleasing others, but learned that when you do whatever it takes to keep the peace, it comes at a high cost and takes a toll.

Once she discovered her willingness to feel the short-term discomfort of setting boundaries, everything she ever wanted in life finally appeared. And she’ll share how to make this a reality for you!

To learn more about her work, visit nancylevin.com.