The Science of Getting Unstuck in Your Life with Britt Frank


The Science of Getting Unstuck in Your Life with Britt Frank

In this episode...

Do you ever just feel…stuck? I know I do. And I know so many of you can relate to the vicious cycle of feeling guilt and blame when you feel lazy, lost, or unmotivated.

If you find yourself nodding along and knowing exactly what that cycle feels like, you’re going to love today’s guest! Britt Frank is an accomplished clinician, educator, trauma specialist, speaker, and now the author of the upcoming book, The Science of Stuck.

Britt has spent years studying the ways we get stuck in our lives. And she’s here to break some of the most common mental myths that are keeping us stuck in our lives, including how to stop blaming and shaming ourselves for not accomplishing more.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 41 to soak up Britt’s incredibly empowering advice on how to break out of old habits, gain perspective on past experiences, and take more control over your actions.


What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 41:

  • The science-based reasons why we get stuck (hint: your motivation isn’t the problem)
  • How to stop blaming and shaming yourself and treat yourself with greater compassion
  • The crucial difference between self-sabotage and self-preservation
  • Why supportive relationships are the best defense against trauma
  • How to reduce procrastination by destigmatizing it


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